Want to know your first serve speed and break point conversion?

Now you can, with Swing™.

The only Apple Watch app for tennis that lets you track every point and every shot.

Featured on 2017 Planet of the Apps

Apple WWDC 2016 Scholarship Winner

Developed by AI experts and tennis pros from Berkeley and Stanford.


Swing™ crunches your match stats automatically so that you can assess your performance in real time.


Swing™ tracks your swing speed, rotation rate, and shot type so that you can objectively improve your strokes.


Swing™ keeps track of your health and fitness data for you, and saves your tennis workouts to Apple Health and Activity.


Swing™ streams your scores and stats live to the world, allowing your friends and family to cheer you on from afar.


Swing™ shows you nearby courts and players so that you can find the best tennis courts and hitting partners for you.


Swing™ analyzes your performance over time to discover trends and pinpoint areas of future improvement.

Target Users


Track your practice sessions or match scores on Apple Watch and capture detailed stats like winners and errors.

Parents, Coaches & Teams

Don't have Apple Watch? Track your students' match scores and stats on iPhone or iPad with Umpire Mode.

Leagues & Clubs

In addition to umpiring matches, display your tournament scores in real time on television screens with Scoreboard Mode.



"Swing™ is a game-changer because it gives all players insight into their game in a way that usually only the pros have access to."
- John Lamble, ATP Ranked Pro

"Swing™ constantly pushes updates - sometimes the night before a major event - to cater to our needs. No one does scoring better."
- Rashid Ahmad, Founder of touchtennis

"While I love that Swing™ analyzes my groundstrokes, the most important beneft to me is that it allows me to track my health data during play. This has motivated me to get out and hit more."
- Jason Ontog, Director at USTA Tennessee

"For the first time, clubs have the ability to bring a Grand Slam feel to their matches by projecting the scoreboard to any TV equipped with Apple TV. This wouldn't have been possible without Swing™."
- David Rossolatos, Coordinator at Tennis Alberta

"In my testing of 4-5 different tennis tracking apps, Swing™ was by far the best and I will continue using it even if it stays as is!"
- Eean C., Swing™ user from U.S.

"I tend to try everything out there when needing something new and can say that Swing™ is already the best tennis app available."
- Robert W., Swing™ user from Australia