Since our inception, we've offered Swing® as a free app without showing any ads or selling your information. In order to continue providing you with this world-class experience, today we are introducing two higher tiers of more advanced features via paid in-app subscriptions.

Don't worry, you will continue to be able to track, upload, and backup all scores, stats, and shots on our servers for free, for life. Additionally, all existing and future social features (hit scheduling, court discovery, in app messaging, etc.) will be free for life.

However, you will need to subscribe in order to unlock the ability to view advanced stats, graphs, and metrics. Fortunately, this means you'll never have to pay to track advanced data, only to view it.

New Features


Video Analysis [Free]

We're excited to announce our first ever video feature! Simply create a match on iPhone and then tap into it. You'll now see a new "Record" button at the bottom, which will allow you to record your match (we recommend using a tripod behind the baseline). Then, simply track scores on Apple Watch (or have a spectator tracks scores via iPhone or iPad), and your video will be available for viewing after the match with scores overlaid just like the pros!

Smart Highlight Reels [Pro]

Want more insights? Get a Swing® Pro subscription to unlock our smart highlight reel, which automatically stitches together the most important points (break points, game points, winners, etc.) so that you can review and share compact videos of your match!


Smart Insights [Pro]

Swing® was a pioneer in being the first smartwatch app to let you track all of your scores and match stats, just like the pros, and today we're pushing the boundary again by introducing our first smart coaching feature: Smart Insights. With a Swing® Pro subscription, you can now understand exactly which metrics you performed well on -- and which ones you need to improve -- after each match.

It's like having a private coach, right at your finger tips!


Non-Swing Head to Head [Premium]

Perhaps the most requested feature from our users, we are excited to announce that you can now track your head to head records against users who aren't on Swing® yet! In your match's settings on iPhone, simply type in and select the name of your opponent, and you'll be prompted to create a virtual user. This user will then show up in your list of friends and recent opponents, and will have a full profile of matches, stats, and head to head records that only you can view!

Tip: Add an email address for your virtual user, and we'll send them match results via email! Plus, if they ever join Swing®, all of their matches will show up automatically, and you'll earn referral credits, too :)