Creating professional level highlight reels of your match has never been easier. And now it's free, with Swing®!

Just check out these examples!

What You'll Need

  1. Tripod or Fence Mount
  2. Recording device: iPhone or iPad (>50% battery and >10GB free space recommended)
  3. Scorekeeping device: Apple Watch or a spectator's iPhone/iPad
  4. Wide angle lens (Optional)

How It Works


  1. Record your match from behind the baseline using the Camera app.


  1. Keep score on your Apple Watch or a spectator's iPhone/iPad. After you score each point, you'll have 5 seconds to tap Favorite Point if you think it might be highlight reel worthy.


  1. After the match is over, tap Add Video to link your recorded video with the match. Then tap on Watch Video.


  1. Tap Highlight Reel to enter editing mode. Start by tapping the filter button in the bottom right to select which types of points to consider for your highlight reel.


  1. Deselect Include Point to manually exclude points that you don't want in the reel. Use the Trim +/- buttons to adjust the start and end of the points you do want to include.

Camera Setup Tips

  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb, as phone calls will end the recording.
  • Place the tripod or fence mount directly behind the center of the baseline for best results.
  • If using a tripod, extend to full height for the best viewing angle.
  • If using a fence mount, record with your iPhone's selfie camera as this makes set up easier.

Video Editing Tips

  • Favorite your best points on Apple Watch while scoring to save time later.
  • For optimal score change transitions, trim the end of each point so that it is 2 seconds after the last shot's ball bounce.